Fish BombFish BombTeng Hoi is Cantonese for 'Listen to the Sea'.  It was founded in 2003 to develop our system of detection of the illegal use of explosives to catch fish for a UNEP  programme. ('Reversing Environmental Degradation Trends in the South China Sea and Gulf of Thailand.')

It’s hard to find a fishing practice that is less harmonious with nature than the destructive power of bombs used over huge areas of reefs in Asia Pacific.  We have built and tested a technology that can automatically detect illegal explosions underwater.  It’s a technology with massive potential to curb the destruction of unconstrained fish bombing. 

Our system has been much delayed in implementation in a similar fashion to the slow progress of the treatment of diseases such as malaria and AIDS in the poorer countries of the world.  Unfortunately in both cases there is little money to be made.  However there are those who do care and do see value in tackling the problems that are largely overlooked.  The foundation set up by Bill and Melissa Gates is now directing significant resources at developing treatments for the enormous number of sick people in the many parts of Africa and likewise we have some traction in funding a practical fish bombing detector programme.

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